Frequently Asked Questions


We’re a Berlin-based AdTech company seeking to disrupt the outdoor advertising market. To this end, we’ve created the HYGH Player, an innovative software that turns any digital display into bookable advertising space, allowing anyone to book it in real-time.

Our platform empowers owners of outdoor displays and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in a marketplace typically characterised by oligopolistic ownership, expensive contracts, and inflexible campaigns.

Our solution is a peer-to-peer advertising network that connects advertisers with display providers via the HYGH app (available on iOS, android, & webapp). Within this platform, ads can be booked and customised in real-time at a fraction of the cost of available services.

We use the blockchain to support the tokenization of our investment platform. The one billion HYGH tokens in circulation are pegged to 9% of the revenue share with payouts given quarterly to token holders.

The HYGH token is build on Ethereum, but we reserve the right to switch protocols in the future. Blockchain is not an integral part of our base layer protocol.

We’re glad to see you're interested. You can get involved as an investor, display provider, advertiser, join our team, and/or participate in our bounty program.

Scroll down to learn more or view our available team roles.

To learn more about HYGH, watch our vision movie, read our white paper, or check out our latest news.

For further inquiries, join our telegram group or email us at [email protected].

We are currently in the pre-STO phase of development with an HYGH wallet launch in February 2019. We maintain a working prototype and an investment platform on Dashboard.

Q2 2019 will see our final product launch with support across all major devices. Q3 2019 will see our App Store launch and activation of LIVESTREAM functionality.

We love that you’re interested. Find our demo here.

Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us and tell us about your experience.

For further inquiries, join our telegram group or email us at [email protected].


HYGH’s advertising platform is cheaper and more flexible than anything available in the outdoor advertising market. Our peer-to-peer booking system makes it possible for advertisers and display providers of all sizes and competences to connect with one another, augmenting the entire marketspace.

Our easy-to-use app turns any screen into a highly flexible ad space, be it a tablet located at a store checkout, a TV in a small shop window, or a professional outdoor display in the Times Square. HYGH’s game-changing platform is set to revolutionise the $600 billion advertising industry.

An STO is like an upgraded ICO (Initial Coin Offering). ICOs are the preferred investment vehicle for blockchain projects. Projects create coins that they exchange with investors for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. The process is similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the stock market.

Because the value of a coin is volatile, we decided to give our investors a more secure option. Regardless of the value of a HYGH token, it’s holder is guaranteed a quarterly return of their equivalent share of 9% of the revenue share. We consider this a fair model that gives our investors timely returns.

As a security token, we cannot burn any unsold tokens that we might have.

For more information on our token economics, take a look at our Revenue Share Model.

Investors in HYGH are Security Token owners. We have one billion HYGH Security Tokens available to investors.

To begin investing in HYGH, first register on Dashboard. The first step will be to complete a KYC (Know your Customer) verification.

At the pre-STO price, one HYGH = .03 USD with prices increasing to .05 USD during our STO. If you submit your KYC before the 25th of January you will receive a 5% bonus on top of your investment.

Note: We can only accept accredited US investors, and only via mail. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

The minimum investment in the pre-STO phase is 250 USD. .

For more information, read our policies on Dashboard.

You will be able to trade your tokens on a number of Exchanges after the token sale. HYGH is currently in discussion with a number of Exchange listings. A list of them will be published once they are confirmed.

KYC is a common security measure for businesses to verify the identity of their clients and prevent issues relating to fraud and corruption. It enables us to run a credible project, which is especially important in blockchain and allows us to work with banks after the STO.

For investments below 3000 USD, all you have to do is fill out the KYC form on Dashboard.

For investment levels above 3000 USD, we require second stage video verification. Once your KYC is confirmed, you will receive an email invitation to schedule a KYC interview.

Note: When filling out your KYC, make sure all your documents are clear and legible to reduce the chance of rejection. Make sure to read all the requirements on the KYC fill-out form. Please note, if you submit fake documents, legal action can be taken against you.


We’re glad you’re interested. You can participate in HYGH’s bounty program in a number of ways. Currently you can find our offers under “Referral” in Dashboard.

Investors in HYGH benefit more from bounties due to a multiplier effect activated for the completion of each task.

HYGH’s airdrop program will go live soon. You can join under the “Referral” page in Dashboard.


You can sign up your display here. As the HYGH ecosystem is not yet live, you will not be able to receive bookings until the system is live in Q2 of 2019. We will let you know as soon as we go live.

In the meantime, we welcome you to try out our demo here.

  1. Over 18 cm in diameter (about the size of an iPad).
  2. Publicly viewable.
  3. Connected to the internet.

Once you sign up your display, you can begin earning passive income.

Advertisers book screen time on your display through the HYGH app. As a display provider, you receive 83.5% of each transaction as a bank transfer in either USD or Euros from HYGH AG.

As for the remainder of the transaction, 9% goes to the token holders (our investors), 5% to company for system management, and 2.5% to the content moderators who oversee our network of displays.

Yes, you can select what type of ads you would prefer to have on your screen and what type of ads you reject.


As we are not yet live, you will not be able to place bookings until the system is live in Q2 of 2019.

You can register for HYGH here and we will let you know as soon as we go live.

The base price for one second of screen time on a 49” display is $0.005 USD.

Advertisements prices will vary depending on screen time, display size, geolocation, time of display, and demand.