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Ensuring safe distributed on-boarding of new screens in the ecosystem and moderating campaigns to ensure safe content is published to the public.

Who are Screen Validators and Content Moderators?

While we want to scale globally and achieve continual expansion, we must ensure that screen content is appropriate to a public audience. Therefore we have created a means to moderate digital screen content. As HYGH networks are created we offer incentive for people to become Trusted Validators: specifically Screen Validators and Content Moderators. Their role is to onboard each screen set up in their local network and/or audit new campaigns, to ensure that they comply with HYGH company policies and local laws and regulations.

How Screen Validators Ensure
Screen Quality and Safe Content

  • screen validator
  • content moderator
  • Step 1: A New Screen is Registered

    As soon as each new screen is registered, a Screen Validator gets a notification with detailed instructions on how to check that the screen display and location of the screen comply with what the provider has registered with HYGH.

  • Step 2: screen onboarding

    Screen Validators will physically visit each new registered screen to check the screen size, brand, dpis etc and physical location.

  • Step 3: Screen Validation

    The Screen Validator will send a report to HYGH upon the successful review of each screen. The Screen provider will get a notification that their screen is validated. From this moment, campaigns can be displayed on the screen.

  • Step 4: Screen Audit (as Relevant)

    Screen Validators will also conduct unannounced screen audits to prevent fraud and report malfunctioning screens (i.e. pixel errors) for additional financial incentives.

  • Step 1: New Campaign is Pushed

    As each new screen is registered, the Content Moderator gets a notification and detailed instructions on how to check the screen for the appropriateness of digital content and campaigns.

  • Step 2: Content Audit

    Content Moderators will audit each campaign separately to ensure that content playing in the HYGH ecosystem is safe to play in public and complies with company terms, as well as the local and national policies and legislation around digital content of the location the ads play in.

  • Step 3: Content Categorisation

    Artificial Intelligence can categorise digital content, but our Content Moderators will monitor campaign categorization and assign matching categories to enhance the scheduling and algorithms for accuracy.

  • Step 4: Campaign Launch

    Once digital content is validated, the campaign is launched automatically.

How do we trust our screen validators and content moderators?

We assign multiple Validators and Moderators on the same task to ensure that decisions reach consensus. This also enables us to identify “bad“ actors in the Trusted Validator ecosystem.

The HYGH Ecosystem relies on Trust Scores which are assigned to every Advertiser, Display Provider And Trusted Validator.

Why become a Trusted Validator?

simple side job

Each applicant must apply and go through a verification process, then if successful, undertake our training program.

Earn more as your authority grows

An experienced Screen Validator or Content Moderator will receive a greater Trust Score and thus earn more money validating screens and/or content.


Currently, 2.5% of the HYGH Ecosystem Revenue is reserved to be paid out to the Trusted Validators.


Anyone over the age of 18 living within an area of the HYGH Ecosystem is available. Until then, feel free to follow us on our journey!

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