Creating an open global Display Network for dynamic real-time advertising

The pre security token offering starts in:





What’s up

HYGH wins $100,000 award

We had a great time at the Satoshi United conference in Singapore and are happy to announce that we won the award for best ICO-Pitch.

30,000 displays

In cooperation with the New World Order App from the Dominican Republic, we will install 30,000 displays in cars and make them bookable via the HYGH Platform.

What is HYGH?

HYGH connects owners of public displays with advertisers in a-peer-to-peer fashion. The HYGH platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of advertising competence and company size. Our easy to use app turns any screen into a highly flexible ad space, be it a tablet located at a convenience store checkout, a TV in a small shop window or a professionally mounted outdoor billboard on the Times Square.

Save Money

Advertisers can hand-pick their displays and book specific timeslots for their ads. Precise targeting reduces cost and increases conversion rate.

Save Time

Display Providers download the app, set their preferences and start generating passive income. Advertisers use our Campaign Creator to launch their ad within minutes.

Think Big

Building a global distributed network anyone can participate in. Our lean business model combined with modular plattform structure allows for global scaling.

The Vision

Our mission is to redefine how we, as a society, handle advertisements in our cities. Who should provide the infrastructure? Who should be advertising? As of now, the market for Digital Out of Home Advertising is slow-moving, centralized, inflexible and inaccessible for small businesses. Our objective is to establish an easy to use standard that empowers a small beauty salon to advertise only at barber shops and drugstores in its area, only when the sun is shining.

We have set ourselves the task to improve the status quo and democratize the advertising industry. Generating passive income and running custom Ad-campaigns becomes a breeze. With the easy to use HYGH platform. By reducing the time needed to publish an advertisement from months to seconds, HYGH is going to open a new global market for dynamic real-time advertising.




Advertise everywhere or provide a display and get paid!

Display Provider

+ Easy setup. Passive income. Low maintenance

+ Be in control of the contents on your display

+ Use HYGH as Content Management System for your displays


+ Run a hyperlocal ad-campaign for as low as 5$ per day

+ React to current events as they unfold

+ Increase market reach. Advertise in the real world

Why Blockchain

The current Out Of Home Advertising Industry is not a transparent one. Customers have no way of trustlessly verifying when, where and how long their ads were played. By recording every event that occurs in our ecosystem to a distributed Blockchain, HYGH generates trust, transparency and datasets advertisers can build upon. We think that the times, where your product had to be all Blockchain are over. We offer Security Token because its the new form of shares and we incorporate blockchain as a useful addition to our otherwise working company.

Token concept

Advertiser plans

  • 2,5% for trusted validator

  • 5% for HYGH

  • HYGH shares 9% of
    every transaction going
    through the system with
    token holders

  • 83,5% to display provider

Token allocation and distribution!



max. Token amount for Price






Token price

0,03 $

0,035 $

0,04 $

0,045 $

0,05 $

Total Amount:

23.875.000 $

Platform preview


Display Provider



Vincent Müller

Co - Founder & CEO

Vincent an organizational talent and perfectionist. He is an entrepreneur who has founded several businesses in different industries before. In the last few years he has become more and more attracted to cryptocurrency and is now an established investor. He played a key role in starting this company by providing important contacts.

Find me:

Fritz Frey

Co - Founder & COO

Fritz launched his first profitable business at the age of 12. He is a realist and an early cryptocurrency investor who was about to launch a cryptocurrency investment consulting service shortly before the idea for HYGH was formed. Fritz made the first step in taking HYGH from an idea to a working product by onboarding the first large investor.

Find me:

Antonius Link

Co - Founder & CVO

Antonius led the development of our MVP platform and is HYGH’s primary ideologist that can’t wait to bring the advantages of Blockchain technology into our everyday lives. Up until 2017 he was studying industrial engineering at TU Berlin before he decided to drop out and start this company. He brings with him many years of experience in the Blockchain space and technical knowledge.

Find me:

Juergen Specht


His products are used by millions of customers worldwide. He successfully founded and sold 3 StartUps, created entire new business segments from scratch as CTO of Rakuten Shashinkan in Japan and mentored and built Tech-Teams for StartUps in Germany, USA, Singapore and Japan. His clients span a wide range from StartUps to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Nokia, Panasonic, Honda, Rakuten as well as Sparkasse, Germans biggest savings bank.

Stefan Herkt

Senior iOS and Payment Processing Developer

Stefan is a real expert for payment processing projects. Before joining HYGH, he created and maintained a variety of payment systems and worked on the iOS team at Ebay. His responsibilities are the iOS/MacOs/TVOS development and the implementation of our own payment system.

Vyacheslav Baydikov

Senior Frontend Developer

Senior Frontend Developer. Vyacheslav is one of our core developers, an employee of WDevs, but working with an outstaffing contract exclusively for HYGH. He has a phenomenal understanding of technical architecture, systems and agile methods. He worked among other projects as a Lead Developer at Softerra (IT solutions & development) and as Lead Frontend Developer on an innovative Fintech Product for Germans biggest savings bank Sparkasse under the leadership of our CTO.

Dmitriy Sharanutsa

Senior Android Developer

Dmitriy is WDevs" lead developer and our Android Engineer and created the HYGH Player, our first client software to be installed on Displays. He has a great understanding of technical architecture, systems and agile methods. Former clients include Cisco, Chevron and Atrix among many others.

Slava Semykrasov

Senior Backend Developer

Our second core developer, also an employee of WDevs, working with an outstaffing contract exclusively for HYGH. Slava makes sure that our backend is performing and he is responsible for inventing complex algorithms which power our platform. He developed the service Igetfamous for ordering social network promotions, wrote new API"s for the Stockmusic system, worked on affiliate marketing system Shout and other projects. Together with Vyacheslav he is in charge of developing the HYGH platform.

Daniel Biesuz

Head of Legal

Daniel is in charge of Advice & Business Development at ILFP International Law Firm Partners LLC..We benefit enormously from his experience, especially regarding regulatory compliance.

Find me:

Antonella Tezza

Interface Designer

Originally from Italy she has been living in Berlin for the last few years. She is the former Lieferheld (Delivery Hero) Chief designer. Since then she has gained more experience through working for companies like kaufDA and Twitter.

Find me:

Jo Glenk

Creative Producer

As part of our in-house team he is responsible for our videos and graphics. Jo has many years of experience in the advertising industry. He created our videos in cooperation with Companies like 908 Motion and MYND.

Philipp Barth


Former Creative Director at Jung von Matt (one of Germany’s most successful marketing agencies). Philipp has written the German texts for our MVP platform.

Stefan Neuendorf

Marketing Appointee

Together with Jo he developed the script for our marketing and tutorial video.

Lukas Petersen

Market Researcher

Lukas is just short of finishing his degree in Buisness Psychology. With his unique international experience, having lived in 3 different continents in the last 20 years and speaking 4 languages, he has the knowledge and competence to feel into every aspect of this business. He is a strong advocate of the advantages offered by Blockchain technology.


Christian Schröder


Christian is Founder and CEO at 10x Value Partners (start-up incubator). Former Director at Global Founders Capital and Director of Business Development at Rocket Internet SE. Co-founder of several online businesses. One of them sold to Alibaba group for an undisclosed amount.

Find me:

Evan Luthra


Well-known Serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Evan is not only a partner of our company he is also our first investor who has years of experience and will be responsible for strategic partnerships. He has built multiple succesuly companies before and been the first investor in companies like Hashgraph, , Wheelys Cafe and more.

Christopher Obereder


Christopher Obereder is a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur and Forbes 30 under 30 member. He has been the CMO of various well-known ICOs and helped to raise over $100 million in total. Previously he launched various worldwide gaming hits and sold his gaming company to Genera Games, the company behind Disney"s mobile games. He has also been the CMO of Tellonym, one of the fastest growing apps of 2018, and is part of various Valley-based startups.

Tobias Masur


He is Innovation Manager at Wall AG which is a subsidiary company of JCDecaux. Wall AG is the second largest OOH advertising company in Germany. His expertise in OOH advertising helps us greatly as he can provide exclusive information and connections. We are delighted to have him on board.

Find me:

Rafael Schulz


Co-founder and “embassador” at Dash Embassy D-A-CH. Rafael is a well-known advisor in the crypto community and one of HYGH’s connections to crypto exchanges. He has worked as Director of Sales for companies like Elavon, Inc. (payment solutions) and EVO Payments International, LLC.

Find me:

Felix Mago


Head of Blocktech.Institute based in the heart of Berlin. Partner at Futerio (blockchain consulting) and author of Das Bitcoin-Handbuch (The Bitcoin Manual). He is innovative, creative and enthusiastic. His former positions include: Head of Innovation Management (Quadrio consulting), Head of Marketing Research (Argus Data Insights).

Find me:

Jens Ober-Blöbaum


Co-founder of Taures (investment advisory service). Jens has many years of experience in the sale of financial products and is known for excellent customer relations. He is very well connected in the world of finance and his experience will help us in forming a strong sales team.

Yusuf Berkan Altun


Yusuf is an expert at building best strategies for blockchain adoption in governments/regions-basis. He is already implementing Blockchain technology to more than 4 governments.

Find me:

Our Partners

News & Events

We are continuing our roadshow throughout October and November of this year, with much-anticipated stops in Dubai, London, Malta, St. Petersburg, and Monaco.
We are taking the HYGH Prototype through the final hurdles of data privacy compliance and will be entering the testing phase of development soon.
Get whitelisted to receive our Newsletter and be one of the first to receive our imminent Whitepaper!
HYGH is excited to announce a partnership with renowned crypto-strategist firm Paranoid Internet here in Berlin. The sky's the limit!
Stefan joins us as our lead iOS/MacOS/TvOS developer, having previously worked in Ebay's iOS division. His expertise will be critical in moving our HYGH prototype forward and we are excited to have him on the team.
George joins us as a Business Development Assistant. As a recent graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles with app development experience in China, he is a promising addition to the team.
On the heels of an incredible event in Singapore in July, we are excited to renew our partnership with Satoshi United for their Un-Conference in Dubai from the 22nd to 23rd of October, where we will again be an official exhibitor and sponsor.
From the 28th to the 30th of October we will be pitching at the Crypto Challenge Forum in London, a high profile summit focused on the propagation of blockchain technology in the International Political Economy.
We are looking forward to attending Malta's inaugural Blockchain Summit on the 1st and 2nd of November. The expo presents opportunities for business in the new regulatory environment of the "Blockchain Island".
As Platinum sponsor of the Blockchain Life Summit on the 7th and 8th of November in St. Petersburg is an important step for us to strengthen our connections in the Russian and Ukrainian cryptospace.
Monaco has proven to be a great launching pad for HYGH. As a participant in the upcoming Tradeshow on the 29th and 30th of November, we are keen to continue this success.



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Antonius Link

Fritz Frey



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