HYGH City Netzwerk Haeberlstrasse 21

Outdoor advertising,
now in HYGH definition.

With HYGH you can book your outdoor advertising inexpensively, quickly, and flexibly. Available to anyone and transparent – through the entire city. With the largest reach range and the best value for money on the market. Simply book using our programmatic platform or directly through a personal consultant.


There are many good
reasons for HYGH.

Display network

Reach potential new customers where they are on the move. Via our high-definition displays at high-traffic locations.


Maximum attention for your company, product or service. Reach large crowds simultaneously.


Book a digital advertising campaign in just three steps through our programmatic booking platform. 

Climate neutral

HYGH AG offsets its carbon footprint and supports climate protection projects in cooperation with Patch.io.

For every budget

You decide at what price you advertise, whether a mini-campaign or a mega-rollout. We have a suitable offer for every budget.


No content? No problem. Our team can help you with your advertising campaign. From planning to the creative implementation.


Maximum flexibility and a booking process with minimal red tape. From planning to Go-Live in 5 minutes.

Programmatic buying

With the right campaign at the right time. Programmatic buying allows you to address your target group in a situational and up-to-date manner.

to the
Digital City.

HYGH Netzwerk Keyvisual
We bring the digital age to the streets. HYGH digitizes the city display by display. As an urban creator, we enable companies to have 100% moving content right in the heart of the city. This not only looks better, it also works better.

Your range multiplier: HYGH's high-resolution displays at high-traffic locations brings you closer to your potential customers than ever before.

Small budget? No problem: Decide for yourself at what price you advertise. Whether mini-campaign or mega-rollout. With HYGH you get the most out of every budget.

New Playground
for Urban Creators.

Urban Creators Keyvisual
Urban Creators Keyvisual

It's time for outdoor advertising to become just as smart as an online campaign on Google or Facebook. As a DOOH pioneer, we are preparing the new digital infrastructure for programmatic outdoor advertising: 100% moving, hyperlocal and if desired, live in seconds. Colorful, loud, bold: outdoor advertising can be anything but expensive: that's why we offer the widest spectrum at the best price-performance ratio on the market.

The HYGH Bookyng platform.

The HYGH Bookyng platform is truly unique.
It is the world's first online booking tool for outdoor advertising that enables professional campaign management from anywhere.

Das ist er, der Game-Controller
für deine

HYGH Bookyng Keyvisual
HYGH Bookyng Screenshot Map
HYGH Bookyng Screenshoot Calendar

On HYGH Bookyng, you can bring your campaign on the street almost in real time, adjust current campaigns at any time or simply manage budgets.

HYGH on facts.


across Germany

Berlin / Köln / Hamburg / Frankfurt / München / Düsseldorf / Stuttgart / Leipzig / Dresden

175 Mio


Contacts per week


Digitale High Resolution Displays


HYGH Networks

Premium / City / POS / Elevator

Quelle: Performance values according to DMI - Public & Private Screens Study.

HYGH AG offsets its carbon footprint and supports climate protection projects in cooperation with Patch.io – one of the most innovative and effective platforms in the industry.

The HYGH networks.

Premium network

The prestigious placement on Berlin’s most popular retail strip: Show yourself on Ku’Damm. Exclusively in Berlin.
HYGH Premium Netzwerk Kudamm 12-15

Berlin Kurfürstendamm: No other street in Berlin is home to so many luxury brands. Exactly where stores such as Dior, Chanel and Gucci are side by side, the HYGH Premium network shines. It currently comprises 40+ glass showcases and is constantly being expanded.

HYGH Premium Netzwerk Kudamm 12-15
HYGH City Netzwerk Saalestraße 1

City network

Our displays are where your customers really see you; right in the heart of your city.
HYGH City Netzwerk Saalestraße 1

The HYGH City network includes with over 700+ displays the largest number of displays in the area of Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, as well as Düsseldorf and will be extended across Germany. 55 inch Samsung displays of the OMN series are used.

POS network

Get the greatest exposure through targeted advertising, directly at the point of sale.
HYGH POS Netzwerk Stargarder 2

Draw attention to yourself when your customers are shopping. Exactly where most purchase decisions are made: directly at the checkout. The young HYGH POS network is there for you: in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Düsseldorf.

HYGH POS Netzwerk Stargarder 2
HYGH Elevator Netzwerk Schindler
Schindler Logo
With our network partner Schindler, we go all the way to the top.

Elevator network

Smart communication on every level.
Display advertising in elevators of residential buildings.

HYGH Elevator Netzwerk Schindler

The Elevator Network is a smart communication channel in residential buildings. Your advertising is played between relevant building information, news, and the weather. More than 200 high-quality 32-inch displays are used for this purpose, all of which are installed in state-of-the-art Schindler elevators.

Schindler Logo
With our network partner Schindler, we go all the way to the top.

Programmatic Buying.

Your campaign, more versatile than ever.

Your campaign, more versatile than ever.

Prepared for anything. With the right message at the right time. Programmatic advertising allows you to address your target group situationally and on a daily basis. Simply select the parameters relevant to your campaign.

Booking benefits:

Kein Content? Kein Problem.
Gemeinsam führen wir deine Kampagne zum Erfolg.

The HYGH Agency.

HYGH Agency Keyvisual 2

We’re Digital Display Jockeys.

We are a digitally driven full-service agency within HYGH AG. As digital experts for urban space, we help our clients succeed. We know: the right timing is particularly important for moving display ads to achieve the desired attention.

Store owner?
Become a display partner.

Earn easy €2,400 a year. We will take care of the setup and installation of your HYGH displays. Shop window, checkout area – or both. The choice is yours.
HYGH City Netzwerk Kudamm 166
City Display Get your 55" HYGH display now and attract passersby into your store.
HYGH POS Netzwerk Leibnitzstraße 56
City Display Get your 55" HYGH display now and attract passersby into your store.
POS Display Give your checkout area an upgrade with our high-quality 13" displays.

Glad we could help.

Interested? Let us know how we can help.

For advertisers

Robert Neumann
Sales Director
Or book an appointment directly here:

For display partners

Stefano Fazzini
Expansion Manager

Were you unable to reach us or do you have other questions? Write to us.

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