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Ice. Rice. Baby! - The Sugar Daddies are known for catchy slogans and extravagant marketing actions. To introduce new products from O-Mochi and Cookie Bros., the Cologne-based start-up has enlisted the support of two prominent influencer figures. This effective measure has not only elevated the social media game to a new level but also demonstrates how the combination of outdoor advertising and social media can lead to absolute success. The Sugar Daddies are an outstanding example of best practices in social-out-of-home.


How to capture the attention of a young, mobile target audience? The campaign for the product launch needs to work both online and offline, creating multiple touchpoints along the customer journey. At the same time, the brand image of O-Mochi and Cookie Bros. should be quickly recognizable.


The Cologne-based company has enlisted the help of two prominent testimonials for their campaign launch. Novalanalove and Knossi are celebrated influencer stars who already have an impressive reach on social media. The high recognition value of these influencer figures, combined with strong creatives and the highly frequented locations of the HYGH network, are expected to generate maximum online and offline reach.


Let's talk about social out-of-home marketing. By blending online campaigns with out-of-home advertising, brands can create multiple touchpoints to engage with target audiences. The Sugar Daddies seamlessly translated their creative campaigns from social media to the HYGH network, where our displays can showcase 100% moving content in 9:16 format. By prominent influencers with high-traffic locations and adaptable campaign designs, the company achieved remarkable success and garnered an impressive public response. HYGH proved to be the ideal platform for a creative and dynamic start-up, showcasing how integrating online and offline marketing efforts can yield maximum reach.

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