Grace Flowerbox

Measurable campaign success through geo-tracking.

Valentine's Day is not only the day of love but also one of the most significant marketing occasions of the year. Berlin-based start-up Grace Flowerbox launches a nationwide awareness campaign on the HYGH network, which achieves impressive results. To measure the success of the campaign, Grace utilizes zip code-based geo-tracking.


Valentine's Day is the most important occasion of the year for Grace Flowerbox to generate the majority of its revenue. Therefore, it is crucial to stand out from the competition and develop a marketing strategy that emotionally resonates with the target audience and effectively promotes both the brand and the featured product.


Grace Flowerbox implements a comprehensive campaign strategy and places its advertisements on three HYGH networks in six major cities in Germany. Quick and effective brand activation is essential to reach potential customers and increase brand presence. Through striking campaign design and a clear message, Grace Flowerbox aims for higher brand activation and increased sales.


Grace Flowerbox utilized zip code-based geo-tracking to measure the success of their one-week campaign. A 300% increase in sales was observed in the selected districts where the advertisement was aired. The company compared the zip codes of the selected districts with the zip codes of the buyers to determine the significant increase in purchases.

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