N26 demonstrates how hyperlocal advertising works.

N26 demonstrates the effectiveness of hyperlocal advertising. In its debut campaign on the HYGH network, N26, the mobile online bank, employed a clever strategy to engage local audiences and boost relevance and awareness among passersby. Explore our best case study to learn how N26 effectively leveraged hyperlocal targeting for their advertising efforts.


N26 faced the exciting task of promoting a brand-new service offering to a youthful and mobile audience while also enhancing their brand image. The objective was to craft a digital outdoor advertising campaign that resonated with both existing and potential customers.


The solution centered on an emotional communication strategy: N26 excelled with a creative and meticulously planned campaign strategy rooted in hyperlocal targeting. Twelve unique commercials were crafted, each tailored to different districts of Berlin. By strategically placing these advertising messages, N26 achieved maximum impact and captivated their target audiences.


The outcome speaks volumes: N26 achieved remarkable reach and impactful engagement through its hyperlocal advertising campaign on the HYGH network. The creatively executed campaign garnered significant attention from the young target demographic and positively influenced N26's brand perception. The successful partnership between N26 and HYGH underscores the effectiveness of hyperlocal advertising in reaching diverse audiences and enhancing brand visibility.


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