Standing ovations: Programmatic DOOH campaign for Parookaville on the HYGH network

Particularly clever: The collaboration between the booking platform Sage+Archer and HYGH resulted in a sophisticated advertising campaign for the popular music festival Parookaville. The decisive role in the success of the campaign was played by the target group-specific focus: What makes a concert an unforgettable experience? What creates real hype? The answer is obvious: bringing together the hottest partygoers and night owls with the most sought-after acts. The line-up is set – now all that’s missing is an enthusiastic crowd, and nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable festival experience!


The challenge was to raise awareness within a niche target group of potential festival-goers and get them excited about the Parookaville Festival. The specific target was nightlife enthusiasts and students. To achieve the advertising objectives, the experienced teams from Sage+Archer and Hide and Seek relied on an innovative and targeted strategy, including using HYGH displays.


In order to achieve the advertising objective, a clever strategy was pursued within the target group approach; specific targeting was to increase awareness among potential visitors. HYGH’s advertising spaces can be booked programmatically via Sage+Archer’s DSP - advertisers can plan, manage and optimize their DOOH campaigns in a targeted manner. Individual parameters can be adapted to the target group. During the weekend, the area around the nightlife hotspots and party venues was targeted, while during the week, from Monday to Friday, the campaign was specifically placed near universities. A key success factor was good weather. The spots were only aired when the sun was shining in order to reinforce the atmosphere of an outdoor festival and appeal to the emotions of potential visitors. The combination of timing, audience focus and warm sunshine/weather achieved the desired success.


The programmatic DOOH campaign was a complete success, which was not only determined by the sales figures and the festival atmosphere. The successful advertising strategy led to an increase in festival visitors and raised the festival’s profile. By tailoring the advertising message precisely to the interests of the target group, there was a noticeably positive response. Overall, this case is the perfect example of how the creative combination of target group approach and appropriate timing on digital platforms leads to the advertising goal.

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