Elevator Network.

Exclusive partner, Schindler elevators. Residential buildings, office buildings and in the hospitality segment.

Smart communication on all levels.

The new elevator network embeds advertising particularly organically into everyday life. The low-distraction elevator situation creates a quiet, intimate environment. This creates the best conditions for your advertising to really resonate.



Berlin / Hamburg / Frankfurt / Cologne / Munich / Düsseldorf / Leipzig / Dresden / Essen / Dortmund / Stuttgart


29 Sec.

Average dwell time

Number of


32" Digital Hi-Res Displays

Source: Performance values according to DMI - Public & Private Screens Study.

HYGH AG offsets its carbon footprint and supports climate protection projects in cooperation with Patch.io – one of the most innovative and effective platforms in the industry.Translatepress black/white text hack: white
The Elevator Network is a smart communication channel. Your advertising is displayed between relevant building information, news and the weather. Over 200 high-quality 32-inch displays are used for this purpose, all of which are installed in state-of-the-art Schindler elevators.
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With our network partner Schindler, we go all the way to the top.

The Elevator Network is divided into two segments: Advertising space in residential and office buildings. Your advertising is displayed between relevant building information, news and the weather. The residential segment currently comprises 450 32-inch displays and the office segment consists of 200 displays. The office segment offers a particularly targeted channel for addressing a professional target group in a high-quality corporate environment. Reach your target group at various touchpoints during their customer journey - when they leave home, on their way to work and when they arrive at the office. The combination of the various HYGH networks creates impressive and, above all, memorable advertising experiences.

The Elevator becomes the Entertainer.

A small selection of companies whose elevators are already equipped with displays in Schindler elevators:

Jung von Matt

Grey Solutions






Zalando Lounge


IBM Germany

MAN Energy Solutions

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